Wednesday, October 29, 2008

october 24th.

i am one of those people who believe it is extremely important to be supportive of your friends.
all the time.
no matter what.
even when said support means that you will be made to suffer.

which explains how i ended up spending this evening in a room full of women. (licia+large groups of women=disaster.) i am not catty enough to fit in, and i don't like silly games...buuuuut, blanche needed moral support.

i plastered on a fake smile, and was lulled into complacency by wine, cheese, and olives...while little-miss-baptist-girl made rude comments about my tattoos and constantly told me i talked too loud, i watched this:

and this:
and this:and this:
by the end of two hours, my face looked like this:and some drunk blonde stole my flip-flops.


paco said...

Looks like awesome came to town. I think they were dancing to my jam.

mar-tallica said...

Well, I'm still planning on the pampered chef party on the 18th... is that what this was?

If so, then we can be the loud-mouth tattooed ones in the corner, taking pictures of the unsuspecting party-goes to post all over the internet.

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