Friday, May 22, 2009

may 16th-2.


and on the way home, i checked the temperature...
ninety-five degrees.

it -must- be summer.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

may 9th-2.

a few pieces i created for the show i did
in thornton park

i shared a booth with the lovely miss alison,
who made this necklace for zoe..

do you
love alison
as much as i do???
(you is in her name, after all.)

it is teacher appreciation week.
zoe picked out gerbera daisies
for her
then painted some pots for them...


may 2nd-2.

disney's hollywood studios..
at their "honey, i shrunk the kids" park.

i could follow her around with a camera all day,
and not get tired of shooting her.

it is starting to get


may 1st-2.

happy may day!

Friday, May 1, 2009

april 30th-2.

her very first art show.
she had a TON of beautiful paintings and such..
but it felt a little redundant taking photos of them all, knowing we would be bringing them home later on.

also, in her defense...
"ball" began as a purple unicorn.
but jason smushed it, and she said she was too heartbroken to make another.

love that girl, i do.

april 18th-2.

another saturday.
another fair.

days like these are my favorites....

and now zoe wants to bring home goats and rabbits and cows.