Friday, April 29, 2011

april 29th-2011.

old chandeliers
make me smile.

april 28th-2011.

Align Center
last day of studying
for a whole ten days.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

april 26th-2011.

if it weren't for the
90 degree temperatures,
i just might think
it was spring.

april 24th-2011.

love this family.

april 23rd-2011.

love this dog.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

april 21st-2011.

the best way to study..
publix ice cream and the bamboos.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

april 15th-2011.

april 11th-2011.

april 10th-2011.

grandma jacquie.
quite possibly my favorite picture from the
entire event.

april 9th-2011.

april 8th-2011.

april 7th-2011.

march 22nd-2011.

a gift from zoe.

[why do my hands look so -old-??]

march 5th-2011.

february 27th-2011.

february 22nd-2011.

is my new favorite class.
even if the science wing
always smell like
E. coli.

february 12th-2011.

february 6th-2011.

february 4th-2011.

february 16th-2011.

the countdown has begun..

february 15th-2011.

january 12th-2011.

january 7th-2011.

moving away from the toxic mold.

january 1st-2011.

happy new years!
celebratory star wars pancakes.

december 23rd-2010.

not a creature was stirring..

december 20th-2010.

more toxic mold.
in the a.c. duct.

december 15th-2010.

celebratory cake for the fiancee
at 6am.

november 29th-2010.

this is what your air conditioner
looks like
when it is infested with
toxic mold.


every unit in their complex is infested,
and my daughter and i have huge medical bills now.

november 6th-2010.

october 31st-2010.

playing dress up.

october 30th-2010.

october 9th-2010.

plans are under way.

october 1st-2010.

the ring.
almost as pretty as the man
who gave it to me.

september 29th-2010.

wilbur boathouse.
in april, this will be where
i say my vows.

september 15th-2010.

little bear.


august 16th-2010.

first day
first grade..