Friday, March 27, 2009

march 27th-2.

leaving for work at 6am sucks when you are a
night owl..

but the view is lovely.

at zoe's my gym class,
(after learning to do front handsprings on the vaulting horse)
the instructor asked where zoe got such strong arms.
her reply?
"God gave them to me."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

march 26th-2.

if you want to know how bad things are in your world,
volunteer at the local foodbank.
many of them have lines that form before the doors open, and don't let up until after the doors close.
all day.
every day.

(if you are in sanford, check out this one.)

but at least the staff still has a sense of humor....

if you are free this evening, stop by and see me at lake mary's "paint the town" event.

Monday, March 9, 2009

march 9th-2.

zoe collects things.
every day is something new.
i am thinking of getting a box to save them in...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

march 8th-2.

my introspective year is over.
i am tired of being the subject of my photos...
on to other

i will continue to post in this blog..but not necessarily photos of myself.

happy daylight savings time!

march 7th.

celebratory blueberry pancakes...?
this marks three hundred
and sixty-five days
of self-portraits.

march 6th.

march 5th.

march 4th.

march 3rd.

march 2nd.

i wish i could quit you.

march 1st.

february 28th.

february 27th.

back to waiting tables...
who'd have thought.

february 26th.

february 25th.

"i will repent in dust
and ashes..."

february 24th.

mardi gras.
and all that jazz.

february 23rd.

february 22nd.

february 21st.

february 20th.

february 19th.

february 18th.

my phlegm is multi-hued.
gross, huh?

february 17th.

february 16th.

february 15th.