Friday, September 5, 2008

september 5th.

a dialog between my four-year-old and i on the way to preschool:

zoe: why did the chicken cross the road with a pizza and pepperoni?
me: ummm..i don't know. why?
zoe: to get sausage. GET IT??? SAUSAGE!! HAHAHAHA
me: that's pretty funny, zo. did you make that up all by yourself?
zoe: yep. hey, mom?
me: yeeessss..?
zoe: why did the chicken cross the playground?
me: *groan* i don't know, hon.
zoe: to get to the other slide. GET IT??? SLIDE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH


elizabethjayne said...

Two atoms are hanging out, and one says to her friend "Shit, I think I've lost my electron!"

Her friend replies, "Are you sure?" and she responds,

"Yes, I'm positive!"
Thanks for your comment :D I'm always looking for new sellers to feature - your artwork is gorgeous feature or no feature! Seems like you're off to a pretty good start too, congrats!


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